A chiropractor is a healthcare professional focusing on the body’s self-healing ability. Chiropractors mainly work with patients’ neuromusculoskeletal systems – bones, nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Additionally, a chiropractor can help patients manage pain through spinal adjustments. They also help patients achieve and maintain alignment. Many chiropractors take a holistic approach to health and wellness and use chiropractic treatment as an integral treatment along with nutrition and exercise.

A common misunderstanding is that you only need to see a chiropractor after an injury or with intolerable pain symptoms. However, seeing a chiropractor can be a powerful preventative tool before any injury or discomfort happens. In addition, incorporating chiropractic treatment into a regular wellness plan can drastically improve a patient’s physical and emotional well-being.

While neck pain and back pain are obvious signs to see a chiropractor, they are not the only situations when seeing a chiropractor can benefit you.

Signs That You Should Visit a Chiropractor

You Lead an Active Lifestyle

Do you regularly spend time at the gym or playing sports? If so, your body probably experiences regular strain and pressure. Physical activity is excellent for our health but can also put extra stress on the body and ultimately lead to spine misalignment. That, in turn, can cause pinched nerves, slipped discs, or other alignment issues.

Maintaining alignment can help keep your body functioning at peak performance and continue to lead an active lifestyle.

You Want to Live a More Health-Conscious Life

If you are health-conscious and want to take care of your body, a chiropractor can provide physical treatment and health guidance. Chiropractors don’t just provide spinal adjustments; they can also provide exercise plans, nutritional advice, and specific advice to help relieve overall stress.

You Experience Headaches

Common culprits for headaches include:

  • ¬†Dehydration
  • Lack of nutrients
  • Oxygen deprivation
  • Neck or spine misalignment

A chiropractor can provide adjustments to help relieve headaches and improve blood flow, thereby encouraging better oxygen supply to the brain. Your chiropractor may also be able to recommend dietary changes to help improve overall physical and mental well-being.

You Have Joint or Muscle Pain

Often our initial reaction to joint and muscle pain is to reach for something in our medicine cabinets. However, taking a pain relief medication does not treat the underlying cause of pain, which is often musculoskeletal misalignment.

Chiropractors have training and experience to ensure your body is functioning optimally. To help do so, they may use spinal adjustment techniques or other physical maneuvers to increase blood flow to painful joints and muscles.

You Sit for Prolonged Periods at Work

You may have poor posture if you work in an office and sit for extended periods daily. Moreover, working in front of a computer, hunched over, can cause stiffness and back pain.

Poor posture can put additional pressure on our upper back, neck, and shoulder area. The result is a shift in the bones and discs, which can cause conditions like slipped or herniated discs.

You Have Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is one of the most obvious signs you may need to visit a chiropractor. Back pain can have varying causes, like injuries, bad posture, prolonged periods of standing or sitting, or very labor-intensive jobs. Whatever the cause of your back pain, a chiropractor can provide pain relief with natural practices. Part of what makes a chiropractor very appealing to people with chronic back pain is the ability to forego invasive surgery or hardcore pain medications. Instead, chiropractic adjustments encourage the body’s self-healing mechanism.

The Soles of Your Shoes Wear Out Unevenly

If you notice that the soles of your shoes are wearing out differently, that’s a sure sign your body is out of alignment. Uneven weight distribution between the feet is generally a reliable indicator that you need to heal your spine. Doing so can help prevent long-term or chronic issues.

You Have a Limited Range of Motion

Have you noticed that your arms and legs are not as flexible as they used to be? Or do you have trouble turning your neck in one direction but not the other? These are pretty good markers that you can benefit from chiropractic adjustment. A healthy, flexible range of motion helps our bodies function optimally.

You’ve Recently Experienced an Accident or an Injury

If you were recently involved in a car, motorcycle, bike, or other accident, it’s possible you sustained a serious injury. Chiropractors can help you heal and mitigate any pain and discomfort associated with your injuries.

You Experience Sharp or Shooting Pain in Your Legs

Sharp, shooting pain, tingling, or weakness in the legs may suggest that you have a pinched nerve or a slipped disc. An experienced chiropractor can properly diagnose the root cause of your pain and treat you accordingly. In addition, a trained chiropractor can perform adjustments to help alleviate pain or pressure.

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