Meet the Team

Doctor Avery Smith

Dr. Avery Smith

Owner and Chiropractor 

Dr. Avery is originally from Kennesaw, GA where he was born and raised until uprooting to Cartersville, GA for the second half of his childhood. Once he graduated from high school he attended Kennesaw State University working toward a Physical Therapist Degree. Then he was introduced to Chiropractic and his whole plan changed overnight! Once he found out the capability of Chiropractic and health there was no looking back and within a month he was already transferred to Life University in Marietta, GA. Once accepted into Life University, Dr. Avery dove into holistic health and simultaneously tackled his Bachelor of Science Degree as well as his Doctorate of Chiropractic. The story leading to chiropractic was not a straight road, experiencing many different ways to heal himself of injuries, playing multiple sports that include baseball, football, tennis, soccer, wrestling you can imagine that there were numerous injuries. All of these injuries led him to chiropractic eventually, in college but exactly at the right time.

Dr. Avery’s additional training ranges from sports rehabilitation to functional neurology. He has achieved certifications in Russian Kettlebell (RKC) and Graston. Over the past three years, Dr. Avery has attended over 60 seminars to advance his chiropractic technique and training. He takes a neurological approach to chiropractic.

His passion for movement and functional patterns and facial work began as a trainer, specializing in High Intensity Interval Training mixed with sandbags and kettlebells. He was a personal trainer and group trainer for years in West Cobb, Georgia and personal training led to pursuing his Russian Kettlebell Certification which he has developed a real passion for.

When he arrived at Life University for Chiropractic school he had a different approach than most but that is also where he really found what he loved to do. Not everyone is the same, and not every adjustment should be linear and that is when he learned more techniques like Bio Geometric Integration, Network Spinal Analysis, Torque Release Technique, Sacral Occipital Technique, Activator Methods, Extremity Adjusting, and numerous more.

Through learning a lot about the body, Central Nervous system and other healing modalities, he then started looking into Quantum Physics, why?! Well it explains how the universe actually operates and gives us a wider range of healing. True healing, not covering of symptoms.

He is always trying to learn more about health care and more things with bio-hacking and finding better ways to serve his patients.

Jillian Lidderdale

Dr. Kevin Malone

Chiropractor, Strength Coach

Originally from Carrollton, Ohio, Dr. Kevin grew up on an inactive farm and learned the family trade woodworking from his father. Although he enjoyed woodworking his love for athletics was far greater.  He competed in many sports but most notably wrestling where he placed 3rd in the state tournament and earned a full division one scholarship to University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. 

While there he earned a bachelors in exercise science and extensive mentorship with the university strength and condition department. Wrestling was a full time commitment, but weight training was truly his passion.  During his final year of undergrad injuries limited his ability to wrestle competitively. He went on a personal healing journey and found his passion helping others with their performance goals and became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  Also, at this time he met a beautiful golfer named Jordan who became his wife in September of 2019. 

After undergrad he wanted to give back to his community and opened up a gym in his hometown to share his passion for training and health that had given him so much.  While in Ohio he realized that he was helping a lot of people but wanted a deeper understanding of the human body so that he could help on a deeper level.

Chiropractic had a beautiful combination of health and wellness philosophy that complimented skills as a strength coach.  So he moved to marietta GA and attended Life University to study to become a chiropractor. While at Life he became the head strength and conditioning coach for Life University Rugby and aided them to win a division one national title and worked as a Chiropractor for the university athletic department.  He now wants to bring the level of care that college and professional athletes receive to the general public. 

Jillian Lidderdale

Jordan Britt

Holistic Health Coach

Jordan grew up in Chattanooga, TN surrounded by the great outdoors. As a young girl, Jordan and her siblings were rarely inside, preferring instead the company of nature and to stay active through sports. While her family were big fans of baseball, Jordan instead chose to focus on golf.

It was during her high school years that Jordan decided to see just how good an athlete she could become. This quest eventually led her to take a closer look at her nutrition and daily habits. Making a few lifestyle changes allowed Jordan to improve her game and earn herself a full scholarship to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) to play on their women’s golf team. Fueled by her curiosity of the human potential, Jordan chose to major in Exercise Science. It was in one of her classes where she met her now husband, Dr. Kevin Malone. With his encouragement, and help from professors, coaches, and trainers, Jordan became a professional golfer shortly after graduating cum laude from UTC.

Jordan has played professionally on the Symetra Tour since 2015. Throughout her travels across the U.S. following the tour, Jordan has continued to uphold her holistic approach to life. The improvements she experienced in her own life has inspired her to become a Holistic Lifestyle Coach so that she may help others achieve their own potential. Jordan is excited to be a part of the Rooted Living team where everyone is focused on helping others become their best through a self-empowering, holistic approach.