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People experiencing neck pain often turn to a neck pain chiropractor in Bluffton, SC to help relieve discomfort and find a long-term solution. Short-term tricks such as using medication or injections both ignore the real causes and trigger further health issues. Thankfully, chiropractic care and massage therapy have been proven to help heal the body without the need for surgery. If you need a massage therapist or chiropractor for neck pain in Bluffton, SC then contact us today so we can put your body and mind at ease.

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A Natural Solution to Neck Pain

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Clay H. – I’ve seen a lot of Chiropractors, but none compare to Dr Avery. He is great at listening to my concerns and aligning me specific to my needs. He has helped me with neck pain and then ongoing preventive maintenance. I feel better than ever. I am very appreciative. Absolutely the best.

How We Resolve Neck Pain through Chiropractic Care

The true cause of your neck pain may be located far from where you’re feeling it. Dysfunctional body patterns, stress and other emotional issues may be the root cause. So how can it be solved? That’s where Dr. Avery can help.

At Rooted Living Wellness, our belief is that every person is the architect of their own healing. You’re your own pharmacy; everything you need to heal is within you. We make it our job to allow that to happen naturally.

We’ll do everything to identify and relieve your pain, from making neck adjustments to meditation guides and rehabilitative exercises. Our neck adjustment and massage therapist techniques carefully move muscles, bones and joints around the spine. By improving the mobility of the neck, we clear the way for a balanced body that is pain-free.

neck pain chiropractor

What is Neck Pain?

Neck pain is the term given to any pain felt from the base of the skull to the shoulders. It can be excruciating and may lead to headaches and restricted movement. Although most muscles in the body can relax easily, neck muscles are in constant use to support the full weight of your head which weighs an average of 12 pounds. This makes it susceptible to injuries and muscle strains.

If left untreated, the pain may become unbearable and have a knock-on effect on the rest of the body. If you’re suffering from neck pain, you should contact a licensed neck pain chiropractor or massage therapist in Bluffton, SC.

Symptoms of Neck Pain

  • Stiff Neck – Difficulty and soreness when attempting to move the neck.
  • Sharp pains, often in the lower neck.
  • General soreness
  • Burning or searing pain
  • Problems with strength, flexibility and reflexes.
  • Numbness or weakness
  • Headaches

Common Neck Pain Chiropractic Techniques

  • Flexion-Distraction – A gentle, hand performed spinal manipulation made on the intervertebral disc.
  • Manual Spinal Adjustments – This helps restore joint movement through gentle thrusting techniques.
  • Manual Stretching and resistance techniques.
  • Massage Therapy – To relax tight muscles.
  • Trigger Point Therapy – To relieve tight muscles.
  • Therapeutic Exercises – Such as meditation

Types of Neck Pain

There are various types of neck pain, all with different causes often involving muscles, joints and ligaments. We believe it is crucial to identify which type of neck pain you have before providing a long-term solution through chiropractic care.

Mechanical Neck Pain

Also known as ‘simple’ neck pain, this type is not caused by a serious underlying condition or trapped or compressed nerves. It’s often provoked by poor posture, sleeping patterns or muscle tension.

Trapped or Compressed Nerves

Although less common, trapped or compressed nerves can cause sharp pain. A common cause of nerve irritation is a damaged disc or simple wear and tear that has occurred with age.


Neck pain is also a common consequence of injuries caused by sports, falls or car accidents (whiplash) where muscles, intervertebral discs or ligaments may have been sprained or strained.

Why Do People Get Neck Pain?

Around 30% of US adults suffer from neck pains every day, making it one of the most popular reasons to seek out chiropractic care or massage therapy in Bluffton, SC. Here are some common reasons why people get neck pain:


Stress can cause muscles to tighten, resulting in pain and restricted movement. Severe cases of stress can induce chaos throughout the body, leading to long-term chronic neck pain. Thankfully, these pains can be relieved with chiropractic care in Bluffton, SC. Your chiropractor will use psychological care and manual adjustments to unlock the stressed, tight muscles, allowing them and you to relax.

Posture and Balance

The way we sit and stand can have a significant influence on the body’s balance. If some of your muscles are working extra hard due to an imbalance or you sit or sleep poorly, then you may have placed a strain on your neck. A neck pain chiropractor will make manual adjustments to perfect your body patterns and help you to relieve your pain.

Injury and Accidents

Accidents often cause a sudden movement of the head or neck, which is called “whiplash.” The fast, forceful motion damages supporting tissue and strains the muscles. Extreme whiplash may also cause damage to intervertebral joints, discs, ligaments, muscles and nerve roots. If you’ve suffered an injury and have neck pain, you should contact a chiropractor for neck pain in Bluffton, SC.

Growing Older

With age, wear and tear can take its toll on the neck. As too can degenerative disorders such as osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease. Massage therapy can help relieve the pains of these conditions.

When to Visit a Massage Therapist for Neck Pain

Neck pains usually fade naturally after a few days. Still, you should contact a neck pain Chiropractor or massage therapist if:

  • Pain is still present after a week.
  • Resting provides no relief.
  • The pain is restricting your daily life.
  • You’re unable to move freely.
  • The pain is severe and unbearable.
  • Psychological issues or stress are causing neck pain.
  • You’ve had an injury that resulted in neck pain.

Find a Neck Pain Chiropractor in Bluffton, SC

Want a Natural Solution to Your Neck Pain?

Rooted Living Wellness finds the root cause of what’s giving you neck pain by caring for both your body and mind. We help Bluffton, SC residents heal and live comfortably again by unlocking their pain with natural, non-surgical solutions. If you’re experiencing neck pain, contact us today for the best chiropractic care and massage therapy in Bluffton, SC.

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