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  • Needs Based 1-on-1 Consultation: Sit down with Dr. Avery to specifically have your needs heard and get to the root cause of what you are experiencing.

  • Digital Posture Assessment: State of the art technology to determine where you hold your stress and current posture.

  • Video Analysis: We will assess how you walk and how you squat to see how your hips, knees, back and feet are moving.

  • Muscle Strength and Specific Tests: If you’ve given birth we want to see how well the muscles have recovered around your hips and in your shoulders.

  • Chiropractic Functional Tests: This is where we will find any knots, tension spots, where you are holding your stress, and if there are misalignments causing your pain.

  • Heart Rate Variability Test: We use state of the art technology to see how your system is operating from a cellular level and gives Dr. Avery information of how stresses are handled in your life.

  • Individualized Care Plan: We will develop a unique care plan designed specifically to you, so that you know your care is based on your specific needs.

  • Your First Adjustment: You will also get your FIRST ADJUSTMENT included in this deal! More than likely like no adjustment you ahve ever had before.

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Your Personal New Patient Exam includes:


My job is to make sure we get to the root cause of what you are experiencing, AND that you have all of the information needed to make an informed decision.

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After claiming your new exam at this price we can get you on the schedule as soon as possible so that you don’t have to continue to wait or put it off any longer.

During your doctors report, which is included in this price, we will go over all of your findings, show you you squat analysis, how your posture may be creating what your pain and go over a plan that we design specifically for you.

I usually limit this but for a short time we are offering unlimited, take advantage because each exam is a 45 minute to one hour process.

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If you still have questions you can call 843-212-2504 and talk to one of our front desk assistants!

Get Your Consultation, Posture Evaluation, Adjustment, Squat and Gait Analysis, Chiropractic Exam & Report for Just $47!

Once we find the root cause, we eliminate it, allowing the body to start the healing process.

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