As of recently, there has been some societal reconstruction.  This has led to many previous experiences such as going to a gym more difficult.  We believe that every person should have the knowledge to make themselves healthy and that includes the knowledge to perform a basic exercise program at home. The problem is a lot of people do not know where to start or what equipment to buy.  This article is going to cover the home gym essentials needed for anyone looking to start exercising from home.
     Moving is essential to life and moving well is essential to being able to move for your entire life. We have to think of movement as a skill.  Just like all skills, it is super important to learn to do things correctly or bad habits will form which can lead to a host of physical issues including low back pain, neck pain, knee pain, etc. 
     When starting a new movement routine or rebooting an old one it is necessary to have a qualified movement specialist to assess your movement quality and give you the necessary feedback so you can move well with confidence.  If you want your movement ability and quality to be assessed before you being your movement program we would love to help you (Start your journey).
     Once exercise quality has been established, now we can focus on home equipment essentials. There are several cheap pieces of exercise equipment that allow you to do a whole gym’s worth of exercise if you know how to use them.  Consider this your bug out bag of exercise equipment.  With $100+ you can start your very own home gym. 

Resistance bands are so versatile that if you are creative enough almost any exercise can be accomplished.  Just like anything, there are pros and cons but as far a versatility they can’t be beaten.  The best bang for your buck is the 41” loop bands.
Another very versatile piece of exercise equipment.  TRX systems have become very popular as of late, but a pair of gymnastic rings or even a cheaper TRX type system is just as effective in my opinion, and much cheaper.  So many exercises can be performed with this setup. As with bands, it’s only limited by your knowledge of how to create exercises.
A stability ball or swiss ball was brought into popularity by one of my favorite people in the health industry Paul Chek. The ball provides an unstable and reactive surface that makes an exercise such as a plank significantly more difficult.  Again, there are hundreds of different exercises than can be done with a stability ball. Make sure to look at a sizing chart to get the appropriate size for you.
Even though I love kettlebells they are probably the least important on the list and will cost the most money.  That is why I recommend to those that are looking to start a home gym to just start with a few different bells that are suited to their training level.  I could go on for days about the versatility of kettlebells but I think you get the idea. For most people I recommend one  15lb, one 30lbs, and one 50/60lbs.
For more information on how to outfit your home gym to be right for your needs please contact us and we would love to help you out!