What are your feet saying?!

Are your feet holding you back?! We are only as strong as our foundation. What differentiates us from a house’s foundation is that the human body moves and the ability to move well is essential to our health. 

Strong and stable feet allow the rest of our body to move and function optimally.

Our feet have two jobs: 1. To be mobile so that they may adapt to the ground and absorb impact. 2. Be strong and stable to propel us on our way. If our feet are able to accomplish both of these tasks then we will have a mechanically sound foundation that allows us to be active and increase our performance on the field, course, or mat. 

Our feet take us everywhere we want to go, every day! They absorb 1-3x your body weight every single step you take. Just take a minute and say “thank you feet”!

Now it’s time to make sure we give our feet some love.  To do this we need to spend time barefoot, walk through grass, play like a kid balancing on a curb, and make sure to have proper fitting shoes. 

Unfortunately, most shoes are not designed for the human foot to move correctly and may end up causing a variety of foot deformities such as bunions, hammertoes, and flat feet. 

This poor use of our feet leads to a host of bodily issues from low back pain to reduced global strength. (think diminished athletic performance). Some refer to our feet to our the second group of core muscles. 

Business man vs natural world

Because of improper use, the 26 bones of the foot may not move correctly and become stuck together.  This is called a joint fixation.

As a Chiropractor and certified extremity specialist what I do is, do a thorough foot assessment and biomechanical exam,  restore the natural motion of the feet through adjustments, and then measure multiple angles of your feet before I build an in-house prescription custom orthotic.

Could Orthotics help?

Do you know how a variety of running stores and doctors’ offices offer “custom orthotics”? They use a scan of your feet and then make an orthotic.  The problem is this orthotic is made for a foot that is not moving correctly.  This would be similar to breaking your arm and getting it cast before the bone was reset.

Anatomy of the foot Making sure the foot is moving correctly before the orthotic is made is the only way to make sure the orthotic is made to a properly functioning foot.  With my orthotic, I will continually adjust it to your feet to make sure it is exactly right. One thing we guarantee, you have never had an orthotic like this before.

Ideally, we do not need an orthotic.  If your feet are working well, I will be the first to tell you to not use an orthotic. Continue doing what you have been doing as well as get stronger. 

For those of us who could benefit from an orthotic, my goal is to improve your foot function and strength so you do not need an orthotic in the future. If we do it right your feet will improve over time.  

One of the most overlooked things in the health and athletic performance industry is foot function and health.   Do not let poorly functioning feet diminish your life expression.

If you have foot abnormalities such as those listed above or are curious if orthotics could improve your physical well-being, click here to set up your foot examination.  

You will be one step closer to a stronger, stable, and mechanically sound foundation

– Kevin Malone DC, CCEP, CSCS