Cruise Ship or Nursing Home? Where would you rather end up?  Thanks for checking out the blog- expect weekly blogs from here on out! This blog hits close to the heart for me. First I want to introduce myself, I’m Dr. Avery Smith and I am a Chiropractor and Owner of Rooted Living Wellness in Bluffton,  SC. If you would like to get in touch with us see the phone number or reach out on Social Media! Now, lets get into it!

I remember growing up going to both of my grandparents houses all the time. They lived only about 10 minutes apart from each other and my dads parents were the “cooler” ones that always let us drink Coke,  watch TV and play with heavy machinery. But in all honestly it was so much fun, and still to this day I remember the smell right when you walked into their door, smells like 30 Marlboro Reds were blown into your face… I didn’t think much of it when I was young, but my mom was not always the happiest camper when we would spend the night over there- and rightfully so.

Due to sticking to the American diet, smoking, drinking, and not spending enough time outside, I watched both of them pass away fairly early in my life. It felt like it was a rather quick process once they got “sick.” But we will talk more about that later.

Discipline = Freedom

I remember walking out on the porch when my grandma was on oxygen smoking a cigarette…I get addictions, I’m not judging that. But with lack of health also comes lack of self control. D=F. That means so many things too, think about it. I love to use that phrase, if you can master your emotions, your thoughts, your impulses that is where freedom begins to take place. We have to break the hardwire that we have in our subconscious minds and become more aware! This is what Chiropractic does. It makes you more aware of your own body!

Connecting the Brain to the body via the Spinal Cord; and quite honestly the spinal cord is just a continuation of the brain that doesn’t have as much protection. Again; a good reason to get your spine checked.

We have choices in this life, one of the choices that I heard years ago was powerful because it is so true. Cruise Ship or Nursing Home? Because all we truly have are decisions made in the moment. For a long while I always repeated this when I was thinking about making some unhealthy decisions but I have found more balance with life now with the 80/ 20 rule. We will get into that next time!

You can’t replace the body that you were given to experience this life with. You only have control over the moment to moments, nothing else. There is no future and there is no past that you can control. You control this moment and these are the big decisions that we need to make. A decision is the most powerful thing on the planet if you have a big enough reason and emotion behind it.

The decision to take health into your hands, it is no ones fault but ours for where we are today. When we accept that, things change. Our parents and guardians did the best they could with the information that they were given but we are living in a different world now. People are starting to question “what is health?”. Do you achieve it from a pill? I believe that health is a god given right, but you have to follow rules to keep it.

We will get into the Rules later as well , gotta keep you on the hook right?! I’m not asking you to cut out snacks and unhealthy things altogether, I’m not a monster, I love junk food just as much as the next person- but there is a time and place.

Take care of yourself, and most simple way to do this is ask yourself is this harming me or serving me? Your body knows the answer and you do too..


Dr. Avery Smith

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