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Corrective exercises are designed to fix imbalances in the body that may be causing pain while also improving strength, functionality and flexibility. As part of our chiropractic care, Rooted Living will provide corrective exercises specific to your needs so you can live happily again. If you need a corrective exercise specialist in Bluffton, SC then contact us today to put your mind and body at ease.

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Meredith K. – Jillian in Dr. Avery’s front office is so sweet and welcoming! I have never been to an office that makes you feel so at ease. Dr. Avery is fantastic and I could never imagine taking my business anywhere else.

How Does Corrective Exercise Help?

Pain and discomfort is usually the result of imbalances in the body. This can be caused by injury, past trauma, repetitive strain, posture or just bad habits you’ve gained over the years. For example, the way you stand can cause back pain by placing pressure on specific muscles. Corrective exercises work to correct these imbalances by moving muscles in beneficial ways. Identifying which movements are needed is what corrective exercise specialists and chiropractors do best.

  • Correct Imbalances in the Body
  • Reduce Pain
  • Increase Strength, Functionality and Flexibility
  • Train the body to heal itself.
  • All Natural – No medication, injections or surgery.
Corrective Exercise Specialist

Rooted Living’s Approach to Chiropractic Care

We believe that every person is the architect of their own healing. The power is in you. That’s why we focus on caring for the body as a whole, from physical work to emotional support. By caring for your brain and neurology, we change how your body behaves.

Our ethos is simple. We believe you’re your own pharmacy; it’s Dr. Avery’s goal as a chiropractor to allow that to happen easily by removing interference.

What to Expect from a Corrective Exercise Specialist

Corrective Exercise Plan

After an initial relaxed, no-pressure conversation with Dr. Avery, you can receive a complete chiropractic examination. After this, we’ll identify your problem areas and create a corrective exercise plan that is tailored to your needs. These exercises will be selected to retrain your body so that it can operate optimally! All-natural, with no medication or surgery!

Corrective Exercise Training

During your initial training, we’ll help you master your corrective exercises, so you’re ready to perform them alone. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable enough to realistically achieve the goals that will get you back to your best.

Improvements and Recovery

Over time you’ll notice a reduction in your symptoms and an overall improvement to your health: easier weight management, reduced stress and anxiety, better moods, more energy, more flexibility, increased strength and reduced pain. So, let’s get you started!

Do I Need to Visit a Corrective Exercise Specialist?

Corrective exercises can benefit just about everyone, even if you’re not suffering from pains. However, if you fit in any of the following criteria, it is time to call a corrective exercises specialist and chiropractor in Bluffton, SC:

  • Your pain does not relieve within a few weeks.
  • Your pain doesn’t improve after resting.
  • Your condition is impacting your daily life.
  • Your mobility is restricted.
  • The pain is extremely severe or is getting worse.
  • You’ve had an injury.
  • You have a condition.
  • You’re stressed.
  • You’re pregnant.
  • You want to prevent future injuries.
  • You want to improve your physical condition, strengthen your body or improve overall wellness.

Questions We Ask About Your Body

We also have some common questions that we first ask to determine what corrective exercises you’ll need and why:

  • How long has something been “wrong” with your body? Did the pain arrive suddenly, or overtime?
  • How severe is your pain and has it always been this way?
  • Do you have weak supportive and core muscles?
  • Have you had these symptoms before? Did they pass? Did they get worse?
  • How is your posture?
  • Are your joint movements regular?
  • Do you have any underlying structural or tissue damage?
  • Are there any factors that may have contributed to your pains? Such as injuries, trauma, stress, sports or straining?

Conditions Needing Corrective Exercises

The following conditions are regularly treated by chiropractors in Bluffton, SC:


If you have back pain or neck pain, it might be because of an imbalance elsewhere. A corrective exercise specialist will identify how and where you need to strengthen and loosen so that you can live pain-free.


Headaches can be caused as a knock-on effect of an imbalance in the body. A corrective exercise specialist will be able to recognize which exercises can relieve your pain and prevent future headaches.

Auto Injuries

The most common injury caused by an auto accident is ‘whiplash.’ The vast, violent motion can strain the neck and misalign the spine. If you heal improperly, the damage can become permanent. By using a corrective exercise specialist, you can ensure your body repairs correctly.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

From sitting at a desk to carrying your kids, repetitive strain injuries can put your body out of balance. Corrective exercise specialists will work to strengthen the areas of your body that struggle with the strain so you can live pain-free.

Sports Injuries

Whether you’re a professional athlete or an amateur tennis player, corrective exercises give you the chance to avoid injuries and heal perfectly. A corrective exercise specialist will evaluate your body to make sure you hold up better for your game.

Pregnancy and New Mothers

The body undergoes dramatic changes during pregnancy and is placed under a lot of strain. Corrective exercises allow you to strengthen your body, improve mobility and relieve pain naturally.

Flexibility and Movement

Whether it’s due to injuries or because of age, you may be struggling with restricted movement. A corrective exercise specialist will guide you through easy-to-manage exercises that help loosen your body and improve mobility.

Conditions and Functionality

Corrective exercises as part of chiropractic care programs can be crucial in aiding with systemic diseases and extremity conditions. We’ll provide you with simple yet effective activities that improve the nervous system function and reduce your symptoms.

Common Types of Corrective Exercises

We highly recommend you visit a chiropractor before attempting any corrective exercises. This way, you can learn how to perform them properly and avoid injury.

  • Knees to Chest
  • Buttock and Thigh Stretch
  • Hamstring Stretch
  • Trunk Arching
  • Stretching of Hips
  • Stretching of Thigh Muscles
  • Stretching of Abdominal Muscle
  • Pelvic Floor Contractions
  • Chest Raise
  • Neck Mobility and Strengthening Exercises
  • Groin Stretches
  • Calf, Quadricep and Achilles Stretches
  • And More

Find a Corrective Exercises Specialist in Bluffton, SC

Want a Natural Solution to Your Pain?

If you’re experiencing pains, injuries or restricted mobility, then there is an answer. Rooted Living Wellness finds the root cause of what’s giving you pain by caring for your body and mind together. We help Bluffton, SC residents heal and live comfortably again by unlocking their pain with natural, non-surgical solutions. If you’re experiencing pains or restricted movement, contact Dr. Avery today for the best corrective exercise chiropractor in Bluffton, SC.

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