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Back pain can be extremely painful and is one of the most common reasons for visiting a back pain Chiropractor in Bluffton, SC. The usual approach of medication and injections rarely provides a long-term solution and fails to detect the exact cause. Thankfully, chiropractic care and massage therapy are proven to locate the root cause and resolve it without the need for intrusive alternatives. If you need a massage therapist or chiropractor for back pain in Bluffton, SC then contact us today so we can put your body and mind at ease.

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A Natural Solution to Back Pain

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Clark H. – After just a few sessions with Dr. Avery, I feel better and I’m walking taller! He pays close attention to details that I’m not even aware of, making sure that everything about me is working properly. He’s got the coolest gizmos and gadgets too, some cutting-edge neuro-sciency things… I would very much recommend him to anybody suffering from chronic back pain. My posture has improved along with my mood. The office is welcoming, and the waiting area is nice and pretty.

How We Resolve Back Pain through Chiropractic Care

The real cause of back pain is usually located far from where you’re actually feeling the pain. So how can it be solved? That’s where we step in.

At Rooted Living Wellness, we believe that every person is the architect of their own healing. The power is in you. That’s why we focus on emotional and physical work to correct dysfunctional patterns of movement. By resetting your brain and neurology, we change how your body behaves to resolve the causes of pain.

We’ll do everything necessary, from correcting fascial distortion (the small layer of tissue that connects the bottom of your foot to the top of your head) to teaching you how to meditate to relieve your mind and body. Our highly successful massage therapist techniques carefully move muscles, bones and joints around the spine. These manual adjustments clear the way for a balanced body that is pain-free.

We believe you’re your own pharmacy; everything you need to heal is inside you; it’s our job to allow it to happen.

Back Pain Chiropractor

What is Back Pain?

Back pain is very common, especially in the lower back but it can be experienced anywhere along the spine. Back pain can have a significant impact on daily life and be a constant nuisance. Although injury and stress is a common cause, it can also be a simple consequence of living. Back pain can last for years if untreated and can leave further damage if not dealt with by a licensed chiropractor or massage therapist in Bluffton, SC.

Types of Back Pain

There are various types of back pain, all with different causes. Our goal is to establish which type of back pain you have before locating the root cause and providing a long-term solution through chiropractic care.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is the most common type of back pain and is felt between the bottom of the rib cage and the base of the back. The pain may feel like a stiff ache or a sharp soreness. Common causes are bending incorrectly, lifting incorrectly or straining through poor posture. It can be resolved through back pain massage therapy and chiropractic care.

Upper and Middle Back Pain

Middle and upper back pain is less common and is felt between the base of the neck and the bottom part of the ribcage. The pain may feel like a stiff aching or a sharp burn. The causes are often poor posture, injury or stress. It can be cleared through massage therapy and chiropractic care.

Sciatica – Buttock and Leg Pain

Also known as ‘Sciatica,’ this is a pain caused by irritation or compression of a nerve called the sciatic nerve. Sciatica is the longest nerve in the human body, stretching from the back of the pelvis, down the legs to the feet. Pain or discomfort can be caused by the sciatic nerve being irritated or compressed, often because of a slipped or prolapsed disc. It can be healed through back pain massage therapy and chiropractic care.

Why Do People Get Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by many different reasons. It might be the way you stand, sit or distribute your body weight. Or it could be caused by psychological problems such as stress, that place strain on the back. The root cause isn’t obvious and that’s why using a back pain chiropractor is the best route to determining the underlying cause.

The back is a complex area that includes thousands of nerves, muscles and 24 separate bones (vertebrae), which constantly work to support the upper body. For many different reasons, these vertebrae can tighten and get stuck. Left untreated, the tight vertebrae can have a knock-on effect on the rest of the body, causing severe pain and imbalance.


Severe stress can cause chaos in the body, leading to long-term chronic back pain. When stress hormones are released, muscle spasms and tensions occur in ‘trigger points.’ These trigger points can be very painful, but thankfully can be relieved through chiropractic care. Back pain chiropractors have the expertise to recognize the steps needed to unlock the stress, through psychological care and manual adjustments.

Posture and Balance

The way we sit and stand has a significant impact on pain. If your muscles are overcompensating for an imbalance or you sit in a particular position, you may have inadvertently placed a strain on your back. A back pain chiropractor can make manual adjustments to your body, to correct your posture and body patterns to relieve pain.

Disc Bulges and Herniations

Disc bulges and herniations occur when the outer edges of the discs located between the vertebrae are damaged and swell. This common issue can be excruciating and if left untreated can lead to further damage. Pain can be relieved by a back pain massage therapist or chiropractor.


Subluxation is a medical term for a misalignment in the vertebral column. The causes can include physical stress or trauma. Subluxations are very painful but also affect freedom of movement. They’re often overlooked by can be corrected by a back pain chiropractor and massage therapist without the need for surgery.

Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains occur through performing physical activity or in accidents. Lifting incorrectly, overstretching or bending are common examples. They can be extremely painful but can heal through manual adjustments in massage therapy from a back pain chiropractor.

Other Causes

Medical conditions such as obesity, UTIs and arthritis are also symptoms of back pain. These conditions should be taken seriously to prevent long-term damage. Our chiropractic services can help identify these issues and provide you with care to help heal and thrive once again.

When to Visit a Massage Therapist for Back Pain

Back pains tend to go away naturally after a few weeks. But you should contact a back pain Chiropractor or massage therapist if:

  • The pain does not relieve within a few weeks.
  • It doesn’t improve after resting.
  • The pain is impacting your daily life.
  • Your mobility is affected by pain.
  • The pain is extremely severe or is getting worse.
  • You’ve had an injury that resulted in back pain.
  • You’re struggling to cope.

Find a Back Pain Chiropractor in Bluffton, SC

Want a Natural Solution to Your Back Pain?

Rooted Living Wellness gets to the root of what is causing your back pain by caring for your mind and body. We’ve been helping Bluffton, SC residents heal and thrive by unlocking their pain with natural, non-surgical solutions. If you’re suffering from back pain, contact us today for the best Chiropractic care and massage therapy in Bluffton, SC.

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